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Once in a lifetime trip, or a lifetime of trips?

Hobo Fly Fishing has the answer.

We provide personalized value for all destinations we list.

  • Solid support after the sale
  • Timely angling intelligence
  • Travel strategies for the real world, so you don't get stuck in a bad spot.
  • Custom offline maps. Find your way around with no network connection.
  • Specialized fly patterns designed by local wizards.
  • Comprehensive packing checklists.
    • Not just angling gear, everything you will need to make your trip comfortable, predictable and awesome.
  • Learn from Our Mistakes. We've made a few, maybe.
  • Surprises, merchandise and promo items.
  • Slightly less bullshit than you may be used to.

We will never have a hundred names on our "Pro Staff." We don't want them.

90% are meaningless headshots next to the name of some random clown they met at the bar.

Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Self-Guided Adventures

Find some quiet places, and some uneducated fish. If you love to challenge yourself, and expand your understanding of what this great sport has to offer, these trips are for you.

Self-guided fly fishing has a significant learning curve, we can help you shorten it.

Full Service Expeditions

When you want the finest angling vacation experience check out our carefully curated full-service lodges and resorts.

These are often fun family getaways, as they typically offer activities for the non-angling members of the group in addition to the great fishing!

Hybrid Fly Fishing Trips

After fishing with local guides to get your feet wet, spend a few days exploring local fisheries with your buddies, and our help.

Hybrid trips are a signature service of Hobo Fly Fishing, we expect them to sell fast, ask for more details. We also build custom fly fishing travel packages as needed.