Feed the passion and branch out.

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Feed the passion and branch out.

For several years the only place in the world to cast a fly, to me, was Idaho's famed Silver Creek. Sure, I fished elsewhere, but I would usually find myself wondering why and spending a good chunk of the day thinking about the clear cold water of The Creek that ran not far from my home.  In my mind this special place would never change, and I would end up an old man casting to the same trout year after year. Like many beautiful places something did change. The population sprawl of Idaho's Treasure and Wood River Valleys created an angler boom on the creek. Middle-of-the week days that I use to fish with only a few anglers nearby changed to a dozens and dozens of anglers casting flies to the same fish. With the anglers also  came an armada of very aggressive fishing guides and the place began to lose it's romance. The creek had developed a competitive feel to it. Anglers' stream etiquette was diminishing with the increased pressure. I can go on and on, but as this all unfolded in front of my eyes I was forced to branch out. This ended up teaching me a valuable life lesson.

There are plenty of special fly fishing waters elsewhere.

Since I live in a state full of fly fishing waters, finding a new water to hang my hat on was easy. From the sprawling lower Snake river, to swinging flies for pacific steelhead in the Salmon or Clearwater rivers, and onward to adventures into into Idaho's backcountry. My quest for a new special place was easy. In fact, I discovered dozens and dozens of waters that I now can honestly call amazing. Not only had my forced breakup with Silver Creek help me discover new water, I also was introduced to a new varieties of fish that would eat a fly; Carp, steelhead, salmon, bass, catfish, and wild native cutthroat trout, to name a few! The new water with new fish has enabled me to see I had previously dug myself into a rut by fishing the same waters and to the same fish day after day.

New water and new fish is now the drug.

As I reflect on my own fly fishing vision quest here in Idaho it stands to reason why I am now consumed with destination fly fishing travel. New water and new fish are now my drugs of choice. I often refer to discoveries made on my fly fishing treks as my own "Lewis and Clark moments." To me it truly must be the same feeling that the Corp of Discovery had when they explored this land that we now call the United States for the first time. Fly fishing with new  flies, tactics and gear to a new fish species is addictive and the more I do it the more I want to do it more. Destination fly fishing travel does not have to break the bank. We started Hobo Fly Fishing with just that in mind. Our goal is to go more often not less. We have designed dozens of fly fishing destination packages for anglers that want to go on a life time of trips not just that one trip of a lifetime to high quality destinations by using our experience.