Bahia Honda Sporting Club

So you want to bow to the great Silver King in the Florida Keys?

Do you know a fly fishing-savvy captain who lives and fishes the tarpon-rich waters of the Florida Keys year round who is not booked years in advance?

We do.

Or you could travel to the Keys during prime tarpon season, hire a trout fishing guide from Rockies who drops in for a few months, then spend your off-the-water time searching for a place to stay and places to eat.

Sunset doesn't get any better than this.

Tarpon fly fishing can be taxing to the mind and body. If you are brand new to the tarpon game

We’re betting you’d rather book a trip to the Keys at Bahia Honda Sporting Club, the Keys’ only full-service tarpon fishing lodge. Bahia Honda’s captains take care of the fishing, and the lodge takes care of everything else.

Tarpon fly fishing can be taxing, and if you are new to the game, you will be fired up and ready tangle with the silver king. But regardless of your amped-up tarpon lust, handling all the logistics yourself can make a 24-hour day seem like a 72-hour struggle. So you can pound the docks for a guide, take your chances on lodging and wait for a table, or you can stay and fish with Bahia Honda and let local legend Chef Bill feed you his specialties.

Sunset doesn't get any better than this.

It’s your call, but we’re still betting Hobo Fly Fishing will be the call you make.