Bahia Rica


Drop the “r” and say it loud.

You know you want to stand on a beach with a fly rod in your hand and see one of those broad, dark backs patrolling the shoreline.

Your reaction is almost primal as you false cast and launch a big fly out toward the cruiser, which suddenly turns into a torpedo bearing down on your fly. You see the splashy collision of fish and fly and feel the line go tight, and that’s when you bellow “Roostah!”


You’re standing on a remote shoreline in Costa Rica where there are more monkeys than competing anglers, where you can also get shots at trevally and jacks, and you also have the option for some offshore fishing for dorado and sailfish.

'Bigeye Jack' Trevally, they called him.

When you’re not fishing, you’re kicking back in a lodge on a hilltop in a lush jungle (is there any other kind?), but you’re less than 300 yards from the water. Accommodations are casual and friendly where you have the option of cooking for yourself or sharing family style meals with your hosts.

There’s also a full fleet of kayaks and paddle boards are available to get you where the fish are.

Fishing kayaks on the beach.