Big Charlie’s & Fatiha's Fishing Lodge

The Big island with big big bonefish

Big Charlie and Fatiha’s Fishing Lodge

It’s tough to sum up the attraction of bonefish better than Big Charlie does: “They seem tailor-made for fly fishing and light tackle; they love shallow, clear water in warm environment, are spooky, but not too hard to catch, and love small flies.”

Charlie knows bonefish, and not just any bonefish, but bonafide big bones on Andros Island in the Bahamas, which is arguably the best spot in the Western Hemisphere for them. 

Big Charlie’s gives you easy access to the fish-infested flats and variety of fish habitat. “Even though Andros seems like one island, it’s technically a series of cays intercut with creeks that run east to west, connecting the Atlantic with the Caribbean,” he explains. “In between you’ll find reefs, deep channels, grassy flats, sandy bays, oceanside beaches, and mangrove shoreline.” 

While bones are the marquee fish, there’s much more. You can cast to tarpon, permit, mutton snapper, barracuda, Jack crevalle and a variety of other species. 

Charlie and or one of his hand-picked guides will take care of you on the water, and Fatiha will take care of you off of it with international and island cousine. 

You will stay in waterfront rooms and have air conditioned lounge and bar, as well as a private dock and beach.