Blackfish Lodge

Looking for fishing trip that’s a little posh and a little different?

Think of Blackfish Lodge as a floating B&B (all meals included) in British Columbia backcountry with spectacular wilderness scenery, abundant wildlife and, naturally, great fishing.

You will fly in by seaplane to catch the salmon and sea-run cutthroats, and your group can have the whole thing to yourselves if there’s at least six of you and a maximum of eight. Fishing includes salmon or trout fishing in a secluded Canadian river, lake or stream, and fishing for trophy salmon in the protected waters of the surrounding islands.

And this is not the place to be a flyfishing snob. Put aside the feathers, grab a spinning rig, bait up and hoist a halibut, because we have one bit of bad news: they won’t take dry flies.

When you are ready for a truly diverse North Pacific coastal fishing adventure, give us a shout. We offer a compelling package for this unique lodge.

Paradise, Pacific Northwest style.