Deep Creek Lodge

Only $1,500 per angler for our hybrid package

What do fish from B.C.’s world-renowned Bulkley, Babine and Morice rivers have in common? They have to swim up the Skeena River and past Terrace, B.C. to get there.

Deep Creek Lodge in Terrace gives you a shot at those steelhead and salmon when they are fresh from saltwater and full of piss and vinegar. While it’s common for lodges upstream to charge $8K to $10K a week to fish those famous rivers, you can go for a fraction of that price and catch the same fish.

Deep Creek Lodge offers fishing for steelhead, five species of salmon (Chinook, coho, sockeye, chum and humpback) on the Skeena, Copper, Kalum and the Kitimat rivers, as well as trout fishing for cutthroat and Dolly Varden char.

With that much opportunity, Deep Creek Lodge offers a long season for anglers.

Accommodations include four double rooms with twin or king size beds, a drying room for wet gear, and a lounge furnished with satellite TV, comfy couch and a fly tying table. All meals are included, which means local seafood and family recipes with Italian flare.

This trip is a great deal, and remember, the fish don’t care how much you paid it.

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