Hidden Basin

How’s your bragging game? How’s your swagger?

Better brush up on them when you book a trip to Hidden Basin Lodge. Let’s be blunt, when you drop into your local brewpub and start name dropping Kodiak, Alaska, you should do it with some attitude.

Catching salmon, steelhead and trophy-sized trout will put the swagger in your stride, and Kodiak is famous for them. This is big, epic country, and you will arrive at the lodge in classic style in a float plane. Don’t worry about combat fishing here because the lodge only holds six people. But you will be combating those fish, and the spectators are more likely to be eagles and brown bears than other anglers.

Which is why you want to work on your swagger game because you don’t want to tell fish stories like “after the float plane trip we hooked salmon and shared our favorite fishing hole with a couple bears” and sound like you’re ordering a latte at the library.

OK, we’re kidding (a little), but not about Hidden Basin Lodge because the fish, eagles and bears are for real, and you’re not going to come back bragging about the Chardonnay. But feel free to brag about the food, because the local seafood can’t be beat, and the large dining room, living room and deck have panoramic views of Hidden Basin.

So don’t be bashful about a little boasting because as the saying goes, it’s not bragging if you can back it up, and after fishing Hidden Basin, you can definitely back it up.

Get flown in to the roadless area of the island and let the games begin!

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