Mango Creek Lodge

What’s better than a cabana with a hammock after a hard day of fishing?

How about a floating cabana with a hammock?

Yeah, maybe we’re fixated on Mango Creek Lodge for the wrong reasons, but dude, look at those cabanas, with hammocks, floating on the freakin’ water!

Tarpon on the fly

Never doubt our real intent is to get you into fish, and fish there are, including the big dogs of the salt flats: bonefish, permit and tarpon. But, because we don’t look down our noses at other cool fish; there’s also fishing for jacks, barracuda, snappers, grouper, and queen triggerfish.

Trigger fish are super-fun to catch

Much of the fishing at Mango Creek Lodge is done by wading, and you can access the flats by panga or kayak. In fact, you can roll out of your hammock, climb into a kayak and be fishing the flats in minutes.

If you’re into that kind of thing, and we know you are.

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You can even rollcast off the dock.

Rollcast off the dock

You might get a shot at a few of these fickle bastards.

Black-finned devils

And a bunch of these squirrelly kids.

Elementary School Tarpon

This lodge is listed under "Belize Area," though technically it's in Honduras. But the fish don't know that.

The reef system they live in is the same one that makes Belize the Hollywood of flats fishing.

The inside is pretty chill, too.