Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures

Trust us when we tell you...

Alaska has more to offer than salmon, steelhead and giant trout. 

Close your eyes and picture a remote, placid river in the majestic Alaskan backcountry.

A bald eagle screeches high overhead, a sow black bear and her cub stroll along a row of willows in a sub-arctic meadow. A mother duck leads a string of 10 ducklings across the river, and the midnight sun bathes the whole scene in a warm, soft glow.


An explosion in the water disrupts the placid beauty, and the hen frantically gathers her ducklings, only to find that her brood is now five.

For fly anglers looking for the thrill that only a meat-eating trophy fish can provide, Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures is a must-do destination for your bucket list.

This unique trip is for those who love casting giant flies to meat eaters, or those who want to try it. Hell, you can probably catch one on a baby duck fly if you want.

On this trek, anglers can land pike well over 44 inches. On top of that, you have a shot at the “tarpon of the North,” the Sheefish, which is well-known for their fierce strikes and epic battles.

Pissed off Sheefish  

Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures provides a fully guided trip in Western Alaska on one of the Yukon’s largest tributaries.

Your expedition is housed aboard the Midnight Sun, a beautiful, 67-foot houseboat that puts a different twist to sport fishing in Alaska. It’s a luxury craft designed with all of the creature comforts and modern amenities for up to six guests per week in three staterooms, each sleeping two guests.

Book soon as this is a very popular destination…email or call Hobo Fly Fishing for details.