Naknek River Camp

Great Alaska fishing for a great price

On an Alaskan fishing trip, would you rather spend your money on great fishing, or an expensive bottle of wine?

If you said great fishing, we have a camp in the heart of Alaska’s finest fishing waters. Naknek River Camp offers world-class salmon and trout fishing for affordable prices.

Don’t worry, you won’t be camped in a Walmart tent with a bear-proof fence wrapped around it like Christmas garland. You will be in one of eight weather-proof cabins within Katmai National Park on the outlet of world-famous Naknek Lake in the headwaters of Bristol Bay.

This is self-guided trip that includes transportation from the airport, food, lodging and use of a jetboat for a week (fuel included) for $2,495. Bring your own bottle of wine, or better yet, don’t. We prefer Jim Beam or tequila, but that’s just us.