Salmon Hole Lodge

Conquer The Leaper

At some point in your flyfishing career, you have, or will, wonder what it’s like to catch an Atlantic salmon. They’re mysterious, elusive and wrapped in legendary legend*. They’re also usually really freaking expensive to fish for because many of the rivers with them have been tied up for generations by a few lodges that could drain a Harvard-sized college fund.

Rainbows lead to a pot of silver

We’ve found a chink in their armor. The Salmon Hole Lodge offers affordable Atlantic salmon fishing, which are words rarely seen together. The lodge sets 3 miles upstream from the Atlantic on the Lapoile River in Newfoundland. The river offers fishing for Atlantic salmon and sea-run brook trout. All fishing is guided, as required by law.

The Salmon Hole Lodge is a rustic fishing camp with clean and comfortable accommodations. It’s centrally situated among the La Poile’s finest salmon pools. The lodge is spacious and caters to no more than six anglers per week to ensure an uncrowded conditions with low angling pressure and optimal catch rates.

Keep them wet and let them go                     

* - That was a joke.