Silver King Lodge

In this corner we have Megalops atlanticus!

And in this corner we have… you!

Are you ready to rumble?

Costa Rica’s Silver King Lodge puts you in the heart of some of the world’s best fishing for ginormous tarpon. You know, the ones that launch out of the water like an ICBM and splash down like a fat, drunk redneck winning a belly flop contest. Fish with five-gallon bucket mouths, silver-dollar scales and scythe-like tails. Fish so big even your mother might accuse you of fish tales when you mention their size.

Let’s face it, those are the fish you’ve always dreamed about, and here’s your chance to get in the ring with them. But be forewarned, you may be fighting above your weight class because some weigh north of the double century mark.

Do battle with the Silver King

While tarpon fishing may be the main event, the undercards aren’t slackers. You can also catch mackerel, jacks, snapper, pompano, snook and more, and if that’s still not enough, there’s offshore fishing available, too.

And you will be doing it all with a twist of luxury. Silver King Lodge also offers upscale tropical accommodations with spacious rooms, large beds, air conditioning, swimming pool, and fine dining.