Stonefly Lodge

We’re trying not stare, trying not to look all slack-jawed and salivating...

...but it’s hard when there are crystal-clear rivers sporting brown trout that average 4 to 5 pounds and top-enders that hit double digits.

If that isn’t tempting enough, it’s nestled away in New Zealand in a setting that looks like it came out of a storybook for trout anglers, but it’s real.

just a little guy

A trip to Stonefly Lodge borders on the surreal when you take it all in. Not only do you have world-class flyfishing in streams that host up to 500 trout per kilometer (that's .6 miles if you’re in the U.S.), but you can get whisked away to these rivers by helo.

Heli yes, helicopter fishing!

It should come as no surprise the accommodations are first-class. The lodge and hospitality alone are with the trip…. Wait, did we say that? Naw, it’s the fish, but damn, the whole package at Stonefly Lodge is mind boggling, and it’s easy to see why many anglers consider this the peak of fly fishing travel.