Swains Cay Lodge

Imagine sitting in the sand

A cool drink in hand and a gentle breeze blowing that feels like it’s straight from the wings of angels.

Sound soothing?

Not to us, not when there are schools of bones tailing the flats, and you’re sitting on your ass sipping fruity drinks.

Get up, get going, and land one of those massive bones that will stress test your drag and have you praying you’ve got enough backing, or a strong arbor knot if you don’t.

Some oddball reef fish are hanging around there, too.

Okay, we will be honest, Swain’s Cay Lodge would be pretty nice even if we didn’t fish, but we do, so it’s a moot point.

We love big, stout bonefish, and Swain’s is near South Bight and the fabled Middle Bight of Andros Island. Swain’s has the best local guides who know just the spot for the wind and tide conditions.

The lodge also has a bonefish flat right off its beach, so if, and we mean if, you happen to have a fruity drink in your hand, you better have a rod rigged nearby because you won’t want to miss a shot at one of those crafty bruisers.