Tranquility Hill Lodge


Those two words evoke great bonefishing, and Tranquility Hill Lodge is one of those great spots you’ve heard about it, but there’s more.

Maybe you want to test your mettle by sight casting to adult migratory tarpon. Tranquility Hill Lodge will give you a shot, and they are now offering tarpon-specific packages for the first time.

Poling the saltwater flats is the other!

In fact, we’re betting that Tranquility Hill will blow your mind with its great sight-fishing for the king of the flats, whether you’re poling in a panga or wading and stalking across the expansive flats and crystal-clear waters. Andros provides some smashing chances to sight-fish to hungry poons, and the digs match the quality of the fishing.

Chef Kora ensures guests always have great food, including dessert. The lodge’s friendly atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, and other amenities make your down time convenient and comfortable. Let someone else take care of the day-to-day chores so you can focus on the flats.

Hobo Fly Fishing is proud to offer Tranquility Hill Lodge’s new tarpon program. These trips will sell out well in advance, so book now to get your foot in the door!

Taste the freedom of the sea