True Blue Bonefish

“omg can u believe those fish, wtf?! when r we going?”

A few places (OK, more than a few) make us sound like teenagers texting when describing them, and Exmouth, Australia is one of them.

Not only is it the fish-porn sized bonefish, it’s the too-weird-to-be-true fish like barramundi, spangled emperors and blue bastards (seriously, that’s what they’re called. LOL!)

Queenfish or queen fish? Whatever, it looks awesome

Exmouth has the world-class bones and its own permit species, as well as some fly-tackle busting bruisers like golden trevally, queen fish and heavyweight-champ giant trevally.

Golden Trevally, mate!

We have no problem saying Exmouth is a bucket-list destination. We don’t call any place a “once in a lifetime” trip because we always want to go back, but this is certainly a trip we don’t want to go a lifetime without fishing. When it’s time to go, book a Hobo Fly trip with True Blue Bones. They’ve established themselves as the authority on flyfishing there, and we have a great partnership with them.

Crappy photo of an ugly dumb fish; NOT!

Fish on like Donkey Kong!

Fish on like Donkey Kong


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Tiny Australian Permit

Permit on fleek

Queenfish jumping, u go grrrl!

Airborne Queenfish, u go grrrl!

Tiny Cobia, seriously, they get huge.

Tiny Cobia, seriously, they get huge.

Almost forgot about the bonefish.

We got so excited, we almost forgot about the bonefish.