Wilderness Island

Lost. Survivor. Castaway. Gilligan’s Island.

If you said "deserted islands," you win the prize.

So what does that have to do with Wilderness Island? You won’t be a castaway, and you won’t be stranded, but you will have an entire island to yourself 24 miles from Exmouth, Australia.


Spoiler Alert! There are also a lot of freakin’ fish in the waters surrounding Wilderness Island, probably more than you than even the most optimistic angler would estimate.

Golden trevally, giant trevally, giant herring, mangrove jack, permit, barramundi, spanish mackerel, queenfish, longtail tuna, snapper, cod, bluebone and coral trout are some of the 100 odd species of fish will be waiting for your fly. And since fishing is strictly catch and release, they will remain plentiful.

Australia is ready, when you are ready to level-up your fly fishing game.

The camp is barely above the high-tide line and what you’d expect from a remote fishing outpost. No TV, no crowds and no busy schedules, and seriously, if you bring your pals and you can literally have an island to yourself. You won’t be stranded, but after a few days of fishing there, you might wish you could be.